Friday, 25 July 2014

Deal to Share: BOGO with Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer Lipstick

The official Rouge Bunny Rouge website is offering a Buy one- Get one Free deal on their Succulence of Dew Sheer lipsticks:

I have the 'Perfume of his Sight' one: they are indeed moisturizing with the right sheerness on days that you want your lipstick to be subtle.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Colour Coordinating Corals

Summertime! Coral-time!
There is something about corals looking better in summer: they have this uncomplicated air that goes as light as your summerdress.

Still there's something about summer that gets me into a complicated mode: the ingenious structure of coordinating layering will fall away (like the layers); thus, I colour-coralinate!
 photo BBBCCC.jpg 

So let's do the clique-ing...Summer also means more cliques in groups of friends, etc. I've been grouping up my corals based on compatibility...It's almost like the tables of a summerwedding:

Group 1: the Flushed Corals
The conversation starter is my precious Jadilla J My Ball Cubical Face blusher in Shinny Peach 2 -> and no, these spelling errors don't come from  Rosé-inspired blogwriting but they are adorable Koreanglish. So why do I have to giggle with 'my ball'? This Cheeky fellow is NOBB [NARS Orgasm but Better]. There is the perfect mixture of peach & pink, but the glitterfest has been left out. (original review here). 
I hope I've nailed the setting by adding Essie Plaza Sweet to this group. It's slightly a deeper pink than Jadilla but they have the glowy gold sparkle into them.
An eye for detail, MeowCosmetics is a mineral makeup company who're easy to sample: Paddle Pink absolutely matches. I hope it won't be too boring with so much compatibility!

Group 2: the Everything's Peachy's

 I want to keep it dusky by starting with MeowCosmetics Clawset Case: it's the mysterious one...Essie Anniversary Gala is the equivalent of the bubbly girl: She is perfect on her own but will add a sparkle to another. My latest rediscovery has been Lunasol Creamy cheeks in ex 4 Tender Pink Glow. It's like a cheekbone filler & glow-i-fying peel in a bottle, with the right hint of tender pink (review here).

Group 3: Dusky Corals
I like to think of this group as the mature ones: but not the mature in the Ikea-kind-of-way...These ones have travelled the world and had a couple of drinks too many. They are a sultry bunch and prefer to spend their money on another holiday than botox...They have stories to tell.

I love the way they look, but I like to have a special mention towards Julie Hewett's Thandi lipstick.  It's named after Thandi Newton and has a similar subdued beauty & intelligence over it: the right amount of coral without getting too ditzy & a good amount of burning terracotta without venturing on the middle age territory. The Radiance blush is a highlighter, but I love this one when lips and nails get more sultry

4. The Young-n-Beautiful Sheers

I have Lana Del Rey in mind...the young & beautiful crowd. Untarnished, hopeful and sheer.

Group 5: The Happy Oranges

There's something comic about orange. Perhaps not for the ones who watch 'Orange is the new Black' or my fellow comrades from Holland who saw the championship Soccer gone right through their fingers...awwww. Burberry Lipglow in Coral 22 is a colour I got last year (see here) and it returned for summer again. The Bourjois is idea how old. But it makes a perfect match for Burberry. As for Tongue in Cheek, how to resist such a name and such a rusty glow to fake flaunt a bit of sunburn on a summer night?

And to conclude, these two resisted the cliques and made their own little togetherness:

Coral pants gets the girls on the fence

Sunday, 13 July 2014

One Sample led to another: Marie-Stella-Maris

I've been happy to sample up something from a new cosmetic company: Stella-Marie-Maris

I fell head over heels on the minimalistic packaging and the French aura it exuded. Especially the heels because the footcream with thyme is bliss for tired, parched feet.

 Doesn't it look like a Saint Laurent editorial?

I absolutely feel like being invited to a show during fashionweek:
Now we've gotten the superficial intentions of buying out of the way, don't we all fall for packaging every now and then, it has an inside too:

Ok, besides the ingredients:
Their website: I think they 'care for water', or is that just a hunch of mine?

This is also highlighted on their packaging:

Beyond looking through the rose-tinted glasses of nobility towards good causes like water maintainance, I am quite enthousiastic about this footcream.

Feet are somewhat the forgotten child of the beauty industry: only few companies pay attention to them. But how important or annoying can they be when they're not happy or feeling good? A good footcream should be the perfect hybrid between being moisturizing but also fast absorbant: who is actually sleeping with socks in order to get pretty feet? Raise your hands (or feet) if you do!

Besides of absorbing rapidly, they also have this wonderful blend of herbs that give zest to tired feel.  A mix of pepper mint, thyme, natural oils and pumice makes them feel cleaner. 

So this specific sample led me to the full size. It's a gorgeous footcream that will revitalize tired (sandal/slippered/heeled or broody sneaker-ed) feet to life again. And I think it will add the right amount of moisture when winter will arrive.

Perhaps there will be more on the cards with my new set of samples:

Who knows? 

Find them on their website, skins' website or at their flagstore @ Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Used Up's / June

Late to the party for a quick round of my most important used up's...

I've been blogging about sampling up some Less is More hairproducts and I've finished up the Lindengloss conditioner. The 30ml has lasted me quite a while: about 7 times for long hair. I really liked how this organic conditioner performed: soft & silky feel, no heaviness or weird residue and it smells amazing. However, when I had the opportunity to buy full-sized I kind of steeped back from the price. The sample size is a reasonable € 6, but a full-size € 23. I still have some other quality conditioners to use up so I will consider, but wait before going full-size.
Paul & Joe's finishing powder is from the Sahara collection from 2010. Long long time ago...I had a darker colour (002) so I only use it in summer when having [faux] tan. It is really good, though: a micro-thin quality that doesn't alter the foundation underneath, and can also be used on a good skinday alone without foundation. I would gladly repurchase. 
Osmia Detox Mask has gotten quite the hype among organic and concious bloggers, and from that field it gotten known among everyone that wants a good, detoxing mask (like me, see here).  I really liked it when living in the Mediterranean: my skin gotten weirdly oily and pimply-> heat & polluted air. A good claymask helped to remove remaining sunblock, some oiliness etc etc. However, I liked it but it has not been the complete miracle worker. I'm somewhat convinced that there are cheaper clay-mask options out there, but the mix of ingredients are quite good.
I'm on my 3rd tube of YSL shocking mascara. It's not the complete HG but it has some excellent varieties of colours around. People with chameleon eyes like myself can have a cute effect by changing a hint around the colour of the eyes. E.G, a blue, burgundy or a purple can change my colour into a more green or blue, depending of what I like. YSL Shocking doesn't do dreadful 80s colours, only a slight hint. And the formula is delightfully thick and glossy without going clumpy. 
RapidLash, I've finished my 2nd tube and I get a longer result every time I use it. I never get irritations from it either. In fact, I'm on the more expensive Revitalash right now, but I feel it irritates my eyes. I think I will just repurchase Rapidlash instead.
Caudalie has done an excellent job in creating their Polyphenol C15 line. This sample has been feeling both detoxing and youth-i-fying for my skin, and I've only been trying it for 2 nights! I will go for the bigger bottle.
I took the full plunge by buying a full size of Caudalie Polyphenol C15 antiwrinkle defense Serum. I've been using it superconsistently (morning/evenings) for one and a half month and I absolutely was stunned about the plumping effect. Moreover, the price was under €40 so not that ridiculously expensive price some companies ask for their serums. I'm not sure if it will be HG material if my skin gets sensitive (thinking winter) because the amount of fragance is somewhat present, but for the moment I really like this one.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cute Brushing: Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush

Puppies, Kittens & Great Hair !!!

Ok, I'm not summing up the most googled items by women: I'm just describing my new Rock & Ruddle hairbrush.
(R&R vs the Maison Pearson boar/plastic childrens size):
First, the hairs are similar as the elite Maison Pearson Hairbrush composed of polishing boar bristles with plastic for detangling:
I really like my new brush. It's a good, polishing brush in a cute design other than black, but the same effect as my beloved Maison Pearson. 

Also they retail from € 32,50 whereas the childsize Maison Pearson starts off at €50. Find more of their designs at their site or find them at

Sunday, 29 June 2014

such a Beach...

I like the word 'beach' pronounced by some non-native English speakers. Especially with a Spanish dialect, which sounds more like the assertive woman-type equivalent. 

So I can write a whole post-feminist story why it isn't such a bad thing to speak up to people, being the so-called b#tch, and how people value assertiveness differently when it's a guy (assertive) than when it's a girl (bitchy). But I'll leave that to the frequent feminist bloggers.  

In this case, I'll keep it up with the sandy talk and the sea-saltedness of the beach.

So I have been trying out some new things. The Coola (mineral) sunscreen above was not a favourite.  It has a SPF 30 factor but I returned quite tanned from 2 hours of lounging in the sun. I have been used to the meticulously functionable Japanese sunblocks in the past, so this was not the result I was after. The tan was nice, though, but certainly not anticipated.

More Beachi-ness:

I have been loving the Ambre Solaire (Same as the Garnier) Sunscreen line a lot in the pump-spray form. It is delightfully watery and thin and leaves no greasiness behind: perfect when you get into contact with sand, water or almost everything. The aerosol spray might not be the most environmental construction but at least I can go to the beach alone without asking strangers to rub in my back...EEEK, I've never done that, btw! I had this method of misting my suntan lotion on a round can and trying to roll it on my back -> not handy and it will give you pityful stares of coupled, familied or befriended people.
Short story: excellent protection for the body and the aerosol is single-girl friendly too. And so thin you can't hardly tell you put it on, which will not give you backne either.
 KIKO stick in SPF 50 is so nice because the formula is like a dry-stick. I've been suffering from oily skin in a different climate so anything greasy felt and looked quite wrong. It protects quite good: I've used it for shading my nose (SPF 30 on face and a thin line of KIKO SPF 50 on the bridge of the nose) and I had a lighter result: tadaaah, photoshop by sunscreening.

KIKO also has this line of peeling tissues in a purple packaging. They are plasticy bobbly on one side and cloth-textured on the other side. The plastic side is too harsh for me and the liquid on the cloth-side would be too hash normally as well. But as I said: the skin had his neo-teenage moment and I loved these for removing sunscreen after the beach.
I swim! People tell me I shouldn't swim with my hair but I just love it too much. I have been telling my colourists to keep that in mind when doing my hair. Still, I protect the hair before: normally with L'oreal Mythic Oil. I will upgrade to a hairlotion with sunscreen for the next beachy encounter. Post swim I rinse my hair with water quite fast, and scrunch in some Aveda Damage Remedy leave in treatment: most showers at the beach have cold water so I prefer not to spend too much time under them.

The Sunnies are from & Other Stories. I have designer Shades (hi Celine), but for that beachy stuff I'll just like to minimise the damage upon the Expensive and go for the Scandinavian cheaper but still stylish variety.

I have some more beach-i-ness to share but for the time being I just like to discuss the Iphony bunch of it...I'm gonna look closer upon Marie Veronique Organics (MVO Organics) Sunscreen SPF 30 soon and why it's such a breeze when having oily skin. Next time, less I Phony-ness, more quality photos.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Es Paradis: Addiction by Ayako Cheekstick in Behind the Veil #16

A month ago I received this newbie from Addiction by Ayako (Kose):

And I've totally been lacking on my sharing and reviewing abilities. Not just because I felt lukewarm about this one (more about it later), but I've been living somewhere else with a tablet. I love my tablets when it comes to chocolate, but I seem to be incomprehensibly unmatched with computer tablets.

Back to my typetypetypetype laptop, my fingers are getting the workout again. 

I was really anticipating the launch of Addiction by Ayako Cheeksticks for their Summer '14 Es Paradis line. 
This is not the official promotion photo, but I love to show it from an angle as you can see the cheekbones, a better colour disposition of the eyeshadows with her eyes, and the cheekstick doing it's magic.
From the promo video, fingertapping is not just for laptops, for cheeks too

I basically picked the only colour not featured on the model: 

'More' looked too much like a terracotta orange that wouldn't match my cool undertones. 'Ibiza Sunset' like yet another bronzer shade. I was interested in Behind the Veil, a peachy shimmery type of colour.

At first sight, it does look like 'everything's peachy':

Unlike the previous cheeksticks, this one has flecks/shimmer inside.

Let's compare it to Rose Bar:

My first thought was: NARS multiple in Orgasm. I was intending to steal borrow a tiny chunk from the Sephora shop, but morality kicked in so you just have to take my word for it: they are almost dupes.


So before you will give me the "what's the deal-it's so pretty?" do have to agree upon that; it's pretty and shimmery and that NARS Orgasm kinda glow that is the most cultish colour ever.  

Then again...

Rosebar definitely looks more opaque than Behind the Veil. 

Also, it's a matter of personal taste. I've lived in a warmer, smog-infested city for a while which turned my skin into neo-teenage oiliness. Anything glimmerish that enhanced my pores has been a total no-go for that time being. So timing was a bit off with this cheekstick. 

I've also never been a fan of NARS Orgasm for similar reasons. I take my glitter quite sparingly and even though think one is subdued, it's still present when your pores do not resemble total tiny flawlessness.

Back to Holland, I have to try it again! The climate is starting to turn my skin into a slightly dryer and less oilier surface so I am quite sure it can work a bit better for me.

It looks gorgeous on lips too. Delightful velvety glow and the texture of the Addiction cheeksticks cannot be beaten for hybrid application (eyes too).

Conclusion: a sweet, sheer hybrid but take care if you are glimmer-shy